photgraphed 2004-02-14 by N Setzer

Name N Setzer
Species The official record states Homo Sapien; however, unofficially there is much debate and a great divide exists among experts as to his true classification.
Birthplace The standard belief is that N Setzer was born somewhere on the Planet Earth; however, those who have met him hotly contest this statement noting he was clearly born on a planet outside this solar system, and perhaps even outside the Milky Way


What does the "N" stand for?

It stands for Necromimesis

I happen to know for a fact that Necromimesis is a mental state where a person believes they are dead.
You're not being truthful about the meaning of the "N" are you?

Maybe not.

How old is N Setzer?

N Setzer is 44 years old

No, really how old is he? He can't be more than 16 by the looks of him.

Okay, then. N Setzer is 16 years old.


Well he must be since he looks 16 and you insist that he is.