There are several ways of contacting N Setzer:

Mental Telepathy

This method requires that the sender intensely concentrate on N Setzer in an attempt to establish a telepathic connection with him.  Once a link has been created, the participants can then easily and efficiently exchange ideas and information.  This method has been shown to be highly unreliable in contacting N Setzer--largely because it defies all natural laws.  Given this, users may be better served trying an alternate means of contact.

Snail Mail

This method entails writing words on paper, placing them in some sort of envelope or package, affixing proper postage, and delivering said envelope or package to the appropriate postal authority.  The only snag here is that one requires an actual address to which to send the package and although N Setzer does have one listed below, he thinks it would be far funnier if one just sent letters or packages to random addresses across the globe in the hope that one stumbled upon the correct address despite the overwhelming probably against this.

N Setzer
School of Physics (David Caro Building)
University of Melbourne, VIC 3010


This method is like the "Snail Mail" method, but instead of writing the words on paper they are typed into a computer or other text-capable, internet-accessible electronic apparatus. Also similar is the requirement of an address, but in this case users have an advantage because it can be restricted to addresses ending in In fact, to get N Setzer's email address, take the domain name, place it before the at symbol, then put the domain name again, then append .com (So, for example, if the website was, then the email address would be